Sunday Lunch – The British Essential.

Easter has come and gone and we have all returned back to work after our long weekends. I have those now. I did however take a moment to think about all of my chef friends or anyone stuck in hospitality this weekend. Roast after roast, booked up, slammed, tired and testy. I sat in the … Continue reading Sunday Lunch – The British Essential.

3 of my favourite films set in the food industry!

I am  about to get very serious about another passion of mine. Getting into bed, snuggling up in a stupid amount of cushions and blankets, with a good cup of tea and a bowl of something chocolatey. so here are 3 of my  favourite films about food.. now they are not in countdown order because … Continue reading 3 of my favourite films set in the food industry!

Cooking with kids – Christmas edition!

It's that time of year when ever parent, guardian and sibling is baking! Christmas certainly brings out the Mary berry in us all don't you think?  Now I am a keen baker/follower/jumper of bandwagons so last year when I saw all these gingerbread houses popping up I immediately ran to the shops to by a … Continue reading Cooking with kids – Christmas edition!