Check in on your friends with IBS – we are not OK!

Hello lovely readers,

Long time no speak – I know I am the worlds worst blogger. I never write. I apologise.

I was inspired today to write you a small piece as I stand at my desk – unable to sit down because I am so bloated and the pain of sitting is unbearable. Peppermint tea in hand, I ask to check in with your IBS friends.

Yes the awkward ones who are on numerous diets, the ones who are really annoying to go out to dinner/ lunch with. The ones who seem to be intolerant to absolutely bloody everything!

we are not ok.

Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with IBS, older readers will see that this was because I was so ill all of a sudden – constantly in pain and struggling with food and alcohol and anything else that irritated my stomach in anyway. It came on so suddenly. I couldn’t eat diary without being violently ill and don’t get me started on alcohol – wine is a big NO NO. Trust me.

Its taken me a really long time to come to terms with making big lifestyle changes and diet adjustments. Now I have to read packets of everything I buy. I have to annoy staff in restaurants. Ration myself on certain foods and cut out others all together. I love food. all food! and now food hurts me – it is so rubbish! I struggle with my weight, I have to make numerous different types of meals at home to make sure everyone else gets what they want, I have had go through a process of trying awful alternatives and my Christmas eating just isn’t the same! Its hard work and people with IBS have to do it constantly. (with most people thinking IBS is no big deal and just a bit of wind – well tell that to me the day I had the paramedics out becauseย  was crippled in pain on the floor over something I had eaten)

But with that comes the silver lining, I am now practising what I preach. I eat as locally and seasonally as possible. Cut out the red meat recently and that has helped. I am more conscious of what I am putting into my body and how to be a better consumer. This is something you can learn from you IBS friends – how to consciously look after your gut.

After all, scientist do believe it is your second brain.

I’m always after tips so if you have IBS and handle it well give me a message and let me know!


Big Love, Jade x
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Happy New Year Foodies!!

Just a small one from me to say that my Christmas was crazy busy and my new year ended up being messier than expected but hey Ho!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I hope you all have had a wonderful festive period and have set yourselves up with lots of food related resolutions..

Small tip for anyone doing veganuary.. Co-op donuts are vegan! And so are oreas! So enjoy them in your month of promise. ๐Ÿ˜˜

Lots of people also vow to diet, lose weight, eat healthy and all that January mumbo-jumbo but mostly, we need to remember to be conciencious with our food intake and think about what we are putting in our bodies!

Little and often is good for me and keep it seasonal! The earth knows what to feed you with and when your body needs it!

Have a good one everyone and I promise I’ll be on here again soon! โค๏ธโค๏ธ

Big Love, Jade x
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Mid week roast.. Yay or no way jose`?

Ahh roast dinner.. My ultimate comfort food, a cuddle personified in the shape of meat, veg and Yorkshire puddings (always Yorkshire puddings no arguments!)

I have a roast craving dependant on several things: weather, emotional state, amount of imagination I can muster to think of a meal.. Ect ect.

The one thing, however, that does not effect my decision is the day of the week. Roast of Sunday… Pffft why? Where did that come from? And is it set in stone?

Apprently, according to certain people in my life (you know who you are) it must 100% be a Sunday in order to have a roast.. And if it hasn’t for some reason happened.. You must then wait until next Sunday to have a roast!! What a crazy notion!

Why not just have it on Monday? any other day?

Oh! Also, what to people when it’s too hot to have a roast? Do people still have roast dinner because it’s Sunday or do you wait until its cooler and risk a midweek roast?

Let me know your stance on this! I’m a midweek roaster! Are you?

Big Love, Jade x
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Public Service Announcement: Best Before does not mean throw away immediatly!

We’ve all had this conversation right?

“Ooh its on its best before, we should just throw out this whole bag of perfectly good carrots?”


I’m not ranting too much dont worry, but i do feel that we have lost our common sense when it comes to food packaging (dont get me started on that) and dates.

So what’s the difference?

It’s pretty simple;

BEST BEFORE is pretty much what it says on the tin, usually seen on fruit and veg.. It means that it is best to eat it before the date shown, however it will not kill you to eat it after that date. It’s more of a guideline.

USE BY: eat it by the date given, usually seen on meat and dairy and other food which are likely to make you ill if you eat them afterwards.

Obviously i stick to the USE BY dates on things, but BEST BEFORE definitely leaves you with some room to use your brain..
This is key to reducing food waste! This country throws away around 13 billion worth of food every year!! That is ridiculous and i can’t help but think that some of that is purely best before food in perfectly good condition.

My mum is a prime example of the kind of person who just throws stuff away because it in on its BEST BEFORE date..

โ€œJade we need more carrots, these ones are offโ€ erm no.. they look great..

I usually have to โ€˜forgetโ€™ accidentally on purpose to buy new carrots so that we have to use them.

Now i’m not blaming people who do this, but i am trying to inform you that BEST BEFORE is not gospel, please ignore the date and look at the food, if it’s a big soft try doing something different with it.. A nice veg soup? Juice it up? Roast it?
Just because it has a mark or a bruise does not make it imperfect! Let’s start getting thrifty with our BEST BEFORE food!

Let’s change the conversation. #wantnotwaste
Let’s make some amazing food with ingredients that are past their BEST BEFORE!

If you have any good recipes, send them in and pictures! I love pictures!

Big Love, Jade x
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Advice, thoughts and opinions!


Yes, its me, not dead.. just absolutely awful at self motivation and channelling everyday inspiration into my writing.

Incase you hadnt noticed, i suck at actively writing on here. I find it so difficult to come up with enough interesting content that doesnt include me ranting and swearing!

I want to change this. I want to write something new for anyone that is reading this, because believe it or not, i am a VERY interesting person and very passionate about food and all things foodie related.. hence the blog being started in the first place.. the problem is, i dont know what kind of content you, as an audience actually want from me.

so i would like you to get in touch and tell me what you wanna read!

Help a sister out here.

Big Love, Jade x

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Would E number 385 please stand?

What is calcium disodium and why is it in my food!!

I was walked through my local supermarket, picked up some mayo and read the label.. Now homemade I obviously would not have to do this but shop bought mayo is risky business, they like to put milk power and double cream in there (what?!) #dairyfreeproblems

so I was reading and I came across CALCIUM DISODIUM.. I didn’t know what it was and the calcium bit made me nervous so I googled it..

Calcium disodium is a E number chemical which is used as a preserve or stabilzer in food. Fairly normal right? wrong!!

I went on to read that it is not safe to consume more than 3 grams of this a day through fear of kidney failure, low heart rate and death!!
I lso read that common side effects of consuming calcium disodium include but are not limited to: vommitting, diarrhoea, low blood pressure, cramps and fever.

So I ask the question.. Why is it in my food!!? Why is it in a household staple, a table condiment used in all households by men, women and children!!

I was obviously angry at learning this was in my food but I was also angry that this was the first time I had discovered it.. That I had been eating foods with it in my whole life and that I was being ignorant to what I was putting in my body.

Unfortunately, I think we are all guity of this.. Supply and demand means that people are allowing companies and manufacturers to put dangerous chemicals in our food for the sake of convenience and to ‘preserve’.

Its been a long time that I have heard people saying things like ‘oh we didn’t have gluten/dairy/food issues years ago or where have all these in tolerances come from, they can’t be new’ but the fact of the matter is that a lot of these allergens and food issues stem from the extra chemicals and preservatives we put in our food, things we never used to do! Thing we don’t need!

So I’m definitely going to urge you all to read labels a little closer, look at your food a little closer and protect your bodies more. I know I will..

Big love Jade x

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Itโ€™s starting to look a lot like…

I’m gonna say it…. Christmas!!


I know I know, it’s the first of September.. obviously no where near close enough to mention the C word, but I swear I’ve seen about 20 posts on social media about Christmas menus and cocktails.. maybe it’s because I’m in hospitality and I have had a Christmas menu email already but I can’t help but feel like it’s creeping up really fast this year?

Chef friends, is it too early? When do you start planning for Christmas? ๐ŸŽ„

Also! On a personal note, I have to cater for a whole different Christmas experience this year.. a dairy free one! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

How on gods green earth am I meant to survive the month of December without.. cheese, chocolate, baileys, cake, everything cooked in butter?!?!

Dairy free/vegan friends help me. I need recipes and tips and hints ASAP

Big love Jade x

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My lactose fuelled rant!

As you may or may not know by now, I have found that I am extremely lactose intolerant and have chronic IBS.. which for a foodie, is just plain cruel…

It’s been roughly a week since by doctor rang me up and gave me the news and I can’t say I’ve dealt with it well. Seriously.. what is life with out cheese, cream, milk and butter. Sad.

However, it’s what I’ve been told and I’m already seeing an active improvement in my health so whoop to that, but with this new diagnosis I have had to make some dietary adjustments.. as I said becoming dairy free. Which is crap, obviously.. but shall I tell you what is more crap? Dairy free options in cafes and restaurants!!!

Eating out with a food allergy is fast becoming the most frustrating thing I have had to deal with.. from waitresses who don’t know what I can eat, to chefs being unwilling to adapt a dish, to generally having very little or no options at all! I have been forced mostly to rely on vegan symbols to reassure by self that it is completely safe for me to eat, but then that leaves me with no egg or meat which is also rubbish!!

Not to mention having to be ‘that person’ with the food allergy.. the one who is annoying to everyone especially the chef! I have obviously never experienced the stigma attached to a food allergy diner… it’s real!

I actually had a women tell me I should manage my own allergy today when I asked her if one of the options was dairy free! “Don’t you know what you can and can’t have?” She said. I was gobsmacked.. yes because of what she said to me.. cheeky cow, but also because I was sure I had said a similar thing to another chef while working in the kitchen once.. and it lead me to this massive realisation that yes, they probably do but they have no idea the inner workings of a kitchen or this specific kitchen..

Basically, my rant ends with this.. food allergies are annoying and rubbish and wholeheartedly inconvenient to front of house staff and chefs.. but guess what.. it’s far more inconvenient to the sufferer.. if I have to double check with you that something is dairy free to avoid hours of abdominal spasms, diarrhoea and vomiting then I’m gonna do it!!

I’ve already had to give up so many delicious foods… Please try not to be an arsehole to me for asking about your menu..

Oh and big shoutout to the couple of places that already have DF options or clearly label what could be made dairy free, you guys are awesome and I love you!,๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโค๏ธ

Big love Jade x

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It’s OK to not be OK.

Morning lovely people.

As you may or may not be aware, it is mental health awareness week and I felt a very strong urge to write a little bit about my mental health. Sometimes it’s not OK. Sometimes it’s a bloody mess and guess what.. That’s OK.

A smile can hide a thousand thoughts and life gets in the way of happiness or stability sometimes.

Work stress, family stress anything can throw a spanner in your mental health and sometimes you don’t need anything at all to set it off, you just wake up one day and feel like that’s it!

I struggled in kitchens with these feelings because unfortunately I feel that (like many other industries) there is this toxic masculine approach to feelings. It’s not OK to show your stressed or upset. If you cry your done! Have you ever seen a man cry in a professional kitchen? I bet not and if you have I bet no one talked about it again. Have you ever seen a women cry? Was she called a emotional girl? I bet.. I’ve seen it and I’ve had it said to me. The fact of the matter is that.. That is bullshit!

Life is messy. High end, stressful, long hour jobs like being a chef.. Are messy. You are doing amazing.

It’s OK to be OK.

Take some time, breathe some fresh air, talk to people about how you feel, no matter how embarrassed or wierd you think it is and if you have no one to talk to you can send me a message and I will listen!!

Take this opportunity to change an industry with openness and love and compassion.

Take this opportunity to change the way we look at mental health. We wouldn’t expect people to run around with broken legs so why expect it from someone with damaged mental health.

Love to everyone inside the hospitality industry suffering in silence and big love to everyone outside of it feeling the same.

Never suffer alone. Its OK to not be OK.

Big love Jade x

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What the hell does a food blogger do when they canโ€™t eat!?!?!??

Ok, I’m dropping you all a old sob story to keep you updated on current events. I am sad.

For some unknown and horrible reason my stomachs has decided it hates me. In the last month or so I have had some kind of issues at least 4 times! ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ this latest one being the absolute worst. I didn’t eat for 5 days last week and now I’m on one small meal a day. So it certainly begs the question… what does a food blogger do, when they can’t eat?

Read cookbooks? Write about food they want to eat? Go to restaurants and pubs and watch people eat? Cry?

I need help.

Big love Jade x

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