Mid week roast.. Yay or no way jose`?

Ahh roast dinner.. My ultimate comfort food, a cuddle personified in the shape of meat, veg and Yorkshire puddings (always Yorkshire puddings no arguments!)

I have a roast craving dependant on several things: weather, emotional state, amount of imagination I can muster to think of a meal.. Ect ect.

The one thing, however, that does not effect my decision is the day of the week. Roast of Sunday… Pffft why? Where did that come from? And is it set in stone?

Apprently, according to certain people in my life (you know who you are) it must 100% be a Sunday in order to have a roast.. And if it hasn’t for some reason happened.. You must then wait until next Sunday to have a roast!! What a crazy notion!

Why not just have it on Monday? any other day?

Oh! Also, what to people when it’s too hot to have a roast? Do people still have roast dinner because it’s Sunday or do you wait until its cooler and risk a midweek roast?

Let me know your stance on this! I’m a midweek roaster! Are you?

Big Love, Jade x
Blogger, Lover of food.

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