Public Service Announcement: Best Before does not mean throw away immediatly!

We’ve all had this conversation right?

“Ooh its on its best before, we should just throw out this whole bag of perfectly good carrots?”


I’m not ranting too much dont worry, but i do feel that we have lost our common sense when it comes to food packaging (dont get me started on that) and dates.

So what’s the difference?

It’s pretty simple;

BEST BEFORE is pretty much what it says on the tin, usually seen on fruit and veg.. It means that it is best to eat it before the date shown, however it will not kill you to eat it after that date. It’s more of a guideline.

USE BY: eat it by the date given, usually seen on meat and dairy and other food which are likely to make you ill if you eat them afterwards.

Obviously i stick to the USE BY dates on things, but BEST BEFORE definitely leaves you with some room to use your brain..
This is key to reducing food waste! This country throws away around 13 billion worth of food every year!! That is ridiculous and i can’t help but think that some of that is purely best before food in perfectly good condition.

My mum is a prime example of the kind of person who just throws stuff away because it in on its BEST BEFORE date..

“Jade we need more carrots, these ones are off” erm no.. they look great..

I usually have to ‘forget’ accidentally on purpose to buy new carrots so that we have to use them.

Now i’m not blaming people who do this, but i am trying to inform you that BEST BEFORE is not gospel, please ignore the date and look at the food, if it’s a big soft try doing something different with it.. A nice veg soup? Juice it up? Roast it?
Just because it has a mark or a bruise does not make it imperfect! Let’s start getting thrifty with our BEST BEFORE food!

Let’s change the conversation. #wantnotwaste
Let’s make some amazing food with ingredients that are past their BEST BEFORE!

If you have any good recipes, send them in and pictures! I love pictures!

Big Love, Jade x
Blogger, Lover of food.

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