Would E number 385 please stand?

What is calcium disodium and why is it in my food!!

I was walked through my local supermarket, picked up some mayo and read the label.. Now homemade I obviously would not have to do this but shop bought mayo is risky business, they like to put milk power and double cream in there (what?!) #dairyfreeproblems

so I was reading and I came across CALCIUM DISODIUM.. I didn’t know what it was and the calcium bit made me nervous so I googled it..

Calcium disodium is a E number chemical which is used as a preserve or stabilzer in food. Fairly normal right? wrong!!

I went on to read that it is not safe to consume more than 3 grams of this a day through fear of kidney failure, low heart rate and death!!
I lso read that common side effects of consuming calcium disodium include but are not limited to: vommitting, diarrhoea, low blood pressure, cramps and fever.

So I ask the question.. Why is it in my food!!? Why is it in a household staple, a table condiment used in all households by men, women and children!!

I was obviously angry at learning this was in my food but I was also angry that this was the first time I had discovered it.. That I had been eating foods with it in my whole life and that I was being ignorant to what I was putting in my body.

Unfortunately, I think we are all guity of this.. Supply and demand means that people are allowing companies and manufacturers to put dangerous chemicals in our food for the sake of convenience and to ‘preserve’.

Its been a long time that I have heard people saying things like ‘oh we didn’t have gluten/dairy/food issues years ago or where have all these in tolerances come from, they can’t be new’ but the fact of the matter is that a lot of these allergens and food issues stem from the extra chemicals and preservatives we put in our food, things we never used to do! Thing we don’t need!

So I’m definitely going to urge you all to read labels a little closer, look at your food a little closer and protect your bodies more. I know I will..

Big love Jade x

Blogger, Lover of Food.

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