It’s starting to look a lot like…

I’m gonna say it…. Christmas!!


I know I know, it’s the first of September.. obviously no where near close enough to mention the C word, but I swear I’ve seen about 20 posts on social media about Christmas menus and cocktails.. maybe it’s because I’m in hospitality and I have had a Christmas menu email already but I can’t help but feel like it’s creeping up really fast this year?

Chef friends, is it too early? When do you start planning for Christmas? πŸŽ„

Also! On a personal note, I have to cater for a whole different Christmas experience this year.. a dairy free one! 😳😟

How on gods green earth am I meant to survive the month of December without.. cheese, chocolate, baileys, cake, everything cooked in butter?!?!

Dairy free/vegan friends help me. I need recipes and tips and hints ASAP

Big love Jade x

Blogger, Lover of Food.

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