My lactose fuelled rant!

As you may or may not know by now, I have found that I am extremely lactose intolerant and have chronic IBS.. which for a foodie, is just plain cruel…

It’s been roughly a week since by doctor rang me up and gave me the news and I can’t say I’ve dealt with it well. Seriously.. what is life with out cheese, cream, milk and butter. Sad.

However, it’s what I’ve been told and I’m already seeing an active improvement in my health so whoop to that, but with this new diagnosis I have had to make some dietary adjustments.. as I said becoming dairy free. Which is crap, obviously.. but shall I tell you what is more crap? Dairy free options in cafes and restaurants!!!

Eating out with a food allergy is fast becoming the most frustrating thing I have had to deal with.. from waitresses who don’t know what I can eat, to chefs being unwilling to adapt a dish, to generally having very little or no options at all! I have been forced mostly to rely on vegan symbols to reassure by self that it is completely safe for me to eat, but then that leaves me with no egg or meat which is also rubbish!!

Not to mention having to be ‘that person’ with the food allergy.. the one who is annoying to everyone especially the chef! I have obviously never experienced the stigma attached to a food allergy diner… it’s real!

I actually had a women tell me I should manage my own allergy today when I asked her if one of the options was dairy free! “Don’t you know what you can and can’t have?” She said. I was gobsmacked.. yes because of what she said to me.. cheeky cow, but also because I was sure I had said a similar thing to another chef while working in the kitchen once.. and it lead me to this massive realisation that yes, they probably do but they have no idea the inner workings of a kitchen or this specific kitchen..

Basically, my rant ends with this.. food allergies are annoying and rubbish and wholeheartedly inconvenient to front of house staff and chefs.. but guess what.. it’s far more inconvenient to the sufferer.. if I have to double check with you that something is dairy free to avoid hours of abdominal spasms, diarrhoea and vomiting then I’m gonna do it!!

I’ve already had to give up so many delicious foods… Please try not to be an arsehole to me for asking about your menu..

Oh and big shoutout to the couple of places that already have DF options or clearly label what could be made dairy free, you guys are awesome and I love you!,πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

Big love Jade x

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