The best kind of distraction


They are stressful and nerve wrecking and honestly the most horrible thing sometimes, So why do we choose to go for food? What about dinner makes everything seem more important.

Yeah, we could go for a drink and that would be nice, but dinner.. dinner is serious.

I feel like dinner, reaches out to that intimate part of us all, the family instinct, the sharing of a moment in a meal.

What we eat, represents us as people and how we chose to spend our meal times can be oh so telling.

When you go out for dinner, you acknowledge that someone has taken the time to prepare a meal for your enjoyment (you should be acknowledging that anyway!) you see how the other person behaves in this situation and can gage a lot about a person who is eating a meal. How they pick, how they eat, how they talk to staff in restaurants. Whether they have their steak cooked well done 😂all these things are a perfect indication of a person, because whether we like it or not. We are open books when we are at dinner.

So, next time you go on a date with someone who asks you to dinner.. take note. This is the best first impression you will get.

Food is passion and passion is essential to connecting with a person.. therefore if you don’t get a connection over food… it’s probably not going to work… (joking..obviously)

Big love Jade x

Blogger, Lover of Food.

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