Cleanse – Day #4

Well I appear to have not gone insane with my new gluten free/Cleanse diet…yet.

I nearly lost it when we decided to order a curry. NO NAAN OR POPPADOMS FOR ME ;'(

accidentally ate some gluten in ice cream at the cinema.. but we have ignored that and am moving on! Must admit, i am starting to feel less bloated.

Had a small drama this morning when i had forgotten to prepare something for lunch and 20 minutes before i had to leave i released that all the food in my house CONTAINS GLUTEN!!! OK.. perhaps a small exaggeration but i had not planned ahead. I made a “20 minute super soup” Containing Peas, spinach,courgette and chicken stock (gluten free of course) turned out pretty nice, healthy and surprisingly green – Honestly, it looked like I blended up Kermit the frog!

Snacks today are pineapple cubes, apple and mixed nuts – almonds, cashews and pistachios.

So far what i can tell you about this is that GLUTEN is everywhere! I had no idea! I will no longer roll my eyes if someone asks what the gluten free options are in a restaurant because actually.. it isn’t that obvious!!


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