Cleanse! You must be crazy lady!!

Right, I am finally doing it! The cleanse! no more putting it off, no more making excuses.

Im not happy about my weight, im not happy about my ‘gut health’ and im gonna get off my ass and do something about it!

Today is the first day of my intensive cleanse month. Over the next 4 weeks i will be pumping my body with fruit and vegetables galore, as well as herbs and spices made to give your body a boost! Not only that, ย I am going GLUTEN FREE!ย  I will take you on a journey and let me tell you, it isn’t going to be easy! Im already hangry and it is only day 1!!!

Day #1

This morning, I have had lots of water! lemon water is best for me as it gives it more flavor and helps break down fat molecules.

I drank my Green Gut Booster smoothie:



Lemon juice
Lime juice
Apple Cider Vinegar



For my Brunch/Lunch I made:

Almond Milk Yogart, with Beets and Berries Powder (made by BIOGLAN superfoods) topped with Chai and Flax seeds and Gluten Free Granola! Yum!


Super Yogart
So Pretty!











Tonight, I think i will do one pan chicken breast with roasted tomatoes and some boiled new potatoes!

Here’s to the new me!! ย  If you have any advice for this Carb lover let me know! Wish me luck!

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