Korean BBQ – XENsational!Β 

It’s Friday night and me and a friend want food, something  different and exciting.. which, let’s be honest, can be hard to find in Truro. 

We struggle for a while to think of something good enough to really grab our attention.. then we remember that XEN noodle bar on calenick street has just had a refurb and included a Korean BBQ feature so we decided to check it out.

We arrive at Xen and are lead to one of many outside tables which include a built in gas type stove and a extractor fan, I am instantly struck by how good it looks. 

We pick a selection of meal and seafood from the menu and the experience kicks off! A memeber of staff lights the BBQ and brings out a beautiful array of sauces and pickles as well as a basket of lettuce. 

Chris To -the owner comes and starts us off with some pork belly, he cooks it perfectly, showing us how to use everything and suggesting authentic and delicious flavour combinations. 

We then have the rest to ourselves: chicken, king prawns and beef fillet. Perfect amount for two and the staff are happy to accomidate with any questions or tips.

When talking to Chris about his new instillation he said he just wanted to create something new in Truro and broaden the horizons of food in Cornwall. Wanting to introduce a authentic Asian experience.

I 100% agree that Cornwall is in dire need of this sort of new experience and I am very happy and impressed with the BBQ experience at Xen! But don’t just take my word for it!! Go and try it yourself! 



J x 

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