GLUTENy is a sin! F**K That!

Im coming to the end of week three Gluten free.. Its been tough but i have held my own, no cheating and no giving in to temptation! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah right!!

I am lying. I have given in to the glory of gluten on 3 separate occasions!

  1. Naan Bread and Poppadoms – Im sorry but i couldn’t handle it any longer. A curry is a treat and i was feeling ill, i needed comfort food! No regrets!
  2. Party food – It’s a Scorching hot, bank holiday Monday, you’re at a 4 yr olds birthday party and the goodies are in full force; cake, sandwiches, pizza, sausage rolls, donuts.. Just thinking about it is making me hungry!!! No regrets.
  3.  A Beef Brisket Burrito.. It was from Craftworks street-food Kitchen in Truro and it was worth it!! Have a look on my Instagram and tell me you would have said no!! ( you would be lying!) NO REGRETS!

The fact is that since i have given up gluten, i have had a healthier gut, less bloating and stomach cramps and i have lost 3 pound. I am happy about that and i continue on my journey. There will be people who tell me that i have ruined it, i should be beating myself up and kicking myself. I haven’t achieved anything and i should give up… because that what we do normally right?

We set ourselves standards, goals which are hard, sometimes unbelievable and then we beat ourselves up and feel worse than we did before we started!!  I could listen to that part of my brain that loves to hate myself. I could give up, get depressed and eat. Gain more weight, hate myself more and feel even more like a failure. But why should I? The fact that i am even trying to make a step toward a healthier lifestyle is a good thing! I am acheiving exactly what i set out to do.







Stop beating yourselves up. Your beautiful. You got this!

J x


Send Nudes!

Oh that got your attention didn’t it! You dirty Lot!!

I don’t want nudes. Please don’t send me any nudes!! 


I am however, looking for anyone guest bloggers. Food bloggers who would like to write a piece which the feel might fit in with the ethos of Food For Thought and in return, allowing me to write one for your blogs!!

This is my attempt at expanding my internet presence and broadening my audiences. We all have to start sometime,  so help a sister out!!

Have a look around and let me know if you want to contribute!

You can comment below or email me at


J x


Brexit and Bacon -Shop Local

Lets get real about something that I love very dearly. Bacon.

Or just pork in general..

We are now starting to see a rise in prices due to the brexit negotiations (Im not getting political, but i told you so!)  many supermarkets have started removing certain items off their shelves and hiking up the prices of others! Meat is one of those things being hiked up, why? because so much of the supermarket meat being sold by the likes of Tesco, Asda, Salisbury’s, ect is imported from Europe!

This is not on. Bacon is far to precious to be £3 a pack! I will be wasting half of my wages at this rate! Not only is the price increasing but i have seen a distinct increase in horror stories about meat being brought into our supermarkets from other countries. Recently we have seen the ‘cancer stories’ the ‘parasite stories’ and today, I have been sucked into a story about Hepatitis E!! According to a guardian article Here we have been told that imported pork has infected between 150,000 and 200,000 people each year! (between 2014 and 2017) That is an estimate of 600,000 people!

Whats the answer to avoiding cancer increasing, parities, Hep E imported pork? Become a veterinarian? NO! BUY LOCAL!

Shop at Farmers markets and shops who support local farmers. English meat. Our Farmers suffer from the importing trade and our food and health are clearly being effected. We have some wonderful local suppliers of meat in Cornwall. We are lucky to live in this awesome agricultural county with very passionate farmers!

Have a look at these places in Truro as a starting point! Thank me later!

The Cornish Food Box

Great Cornish Food Store

Truro Farmers Market

The Local Butchers

Cleanse – Day #4

Well I appear to have not gone insane with my new gluten free/Cleanse diet…yet.

I nearly lost it when we decided to order a curry. NO NAAN OR POPPADOMS FOR ME ;'(

accidentally ate some gluten in ice cream at the cinema.. but we have ignored that and am moving on! Must admit, i am starting to feel less bloated.

Had a small drama this morning when i had forgotten to prepare something for lunch and 20 minutes before i had to leave i released that all the food in my house CONTAINS GLUTEN!!! OK.. perhaps a small exaggeration but i had not planned ahead. I made a “20 minute super soup” Containing Peas, spinach,courgette and chicken stock (gluten free of course) turned out pretty nice, healthy and surprisingly green – Honestly, it looked like I blended up Kermit the frog!

Snacks today are pineapple cubes, apple and mixed nuts – almonds, cashews and pistachios.

So far what i can tell you about this is that GLUTEN is everywhere! I had no idea! I will no longer roll my eyes if someone asks what the gluten free options are in a restaurant because actually.. it isn’t that obvious!!


Cleanse! You must be crazy lady!!

Right, I am finally doing it! The cleanse! no more putting it off, no more making excuses.

Im not happy about my weight, im not happy about my ‘gut health’ and im gonna get off my ass and do something about it!

Today is the first day of my intensive cleanse month. Over the next 4 weeks i will be pumping my body with fruit and vegetables galore, as well as herbs and spices made to give your body a boost! Not only that,  I am going GLUTEN FREE!  I will take you on a journey and let me tell you, it isn’t going to be easy! Im already hangry and it is only day 1!!!

Day #1

This morning, I have had lots of water! lemon water is best for me as it gives it more flavor and helps break down fat molecules.

I drank my Green Gut Booster smoothie:



Lemon juice
Lime juice
Apple Cider Vinegar



For my Brunch/Lunch I made:

Almond Milk Yogart, with Beets and Berries Powder (made by BIOGLAN superfoods) topped with Chai and Flax seeds and Gluten Free Granola! Yum!


Super Yogart
So Pretty!











Tonight, I think i will do one pan chicken breast with roasted tomatoes and some boiled new potatoes!

Here’s to the new me!!   If you have any advice for this Carb lover let me know! Wish me luck!

Tips and Tricks of ‘Instagramming’ Dinner!

We live in an age where everyone wants to share everything! who they are, what they are doing, who they are doing it with, what they think of something, and most importantly WHAT THEY ARE EATING!

you know the type, you go out for some food and it arrives looking great, and out comes the phone! “oooh hang on, let me take a picture!” “I’ve got to Instagram this!” “that looks awesome, i’m gonna take a picture! Don’t eat it yet!!”  I know this type all too well, because I am this person. Much to the embarrassment of all my friends and family, it there is food, I will probably take a picture of it!!

Of course, now I have this blog, I can justify it in the name of research… kinda.

So I am going to write you a little ‘How To’ Guide to Instagramming (or just generally taking pictures) of your true love.. FOOD!

Tip #1 – Get The right angle

I like a close up, especially if you can get some little detail in there. Birdseye view is always good when you have more than one of something to show off like with this Sushi or a slightly “angled to the side – view”. I’m not sure what the technical term is but it looks great! eg – Gooey Brie Drool..


Tip #2 – Background is everything

This is important and may take some time to get used to, but background is everything! try not to take pictures of some amazing food with dirty dishes in the background or someone picking their nose!! NO ONE WANTS THAT!

wood is always lovely to use as a background, or classic white to make colors pop!

I also enjoy the odd clip of a person sharing the experience with you, I HAVE FRIENDS YA KNOW!

Tip #3 Lighting

One way to make your pictures look more professional is to make sure you have good lighting, just like anything, light makes a photo look crisp and clear. Your photos will stand out from a cloud of muggy, filtered, dull photos. It can be the difference between eye grabbing and not!


Tip #4 Editing and filters

If you must do it, do it well. i use editing apps on my phone and tablet to make food stand out and the enhance elements of the photo. For me, an app can bring all of the above to a photo after it has been taken, which is great if like me you take pictures of everything even if you are in a rush! I use FOTOR, NOCROP and FACETUNE for my after snap editing but there are loads of great apps and online tools. Of course, there is Photoshop.. I’m just rubbish with that!


Anyway, they are my first few tips for photographing your food. Have fun with it, be imaginative and send me your finished pics! The only thing i love more than taking pictures of food is looking at pictures of food!

I’m Hungry now. 


Korean BBQ – XENsational! 

It’s Friday night and me and a friend want food, something  different and exciting.. which, let’s be honest, can be hard to find in Truro. 

We struggle for a while to think of something good enough to really grab our attention.. then we remember that XEN noodle bar on calenick street has just had a refurb and included a Korean BBQ feature so we decided to check it out.

We arrive at Xen and are lead to one of many outside tables which include a built in gas type stove and a extractor fan, I am instantly struck by how good it looks. 

We pick a selection of meal and seafood from the menu and the experience kicks off! A memeber of staff lights the BBQ and brings out a beautiful array of sauces and pickles as well as a basket of lettuce. 

Chris To -the owner comes and starts us off with some pork belly, he cooks it perfectly, showing us how to use everything and suggesting authentic and delicious flavour combinations. 

We then have the rest to ourselves: chicken, king prawns and beef fillet. Perfect amount for two and the staff are happy to accomidate with any questions or tips.

When talking to Chris about his new instillation he said he just wanted to create something new in Truro and broaden the horizons of food in Cornwall. Wanting to introduce a authentic Asian experience.

I 100% agree that Cornwall is in dire need of this sort of new experience and I am very happy and impressed with the BBQ experience at Xen! But don’t just take my word for it!! Go and try it yourself!

J x