Hot Dog, Jumping Frog…

Well we have officially survived the first weekend of the summer holidays! We were joined by My beautiful Cousin and went out for an adventure day.. of course, it rained!

We went off to find an indoor play area (

which Cornucopia did have, however it also presented us with very interesting food venue and if you know me, you know i would pick food first. every time.

Sam’s Diner! an all american style diner which a wicked menu! Take a look. I ordered the Dirty fries, which come with Mac and Cheese, Bacon, Pulled Pork and Chilli! – Because why the hell not!


I also ordered a super sweet strawberry milkshake. (which the kids got in the end!)

what did surprise me was the amount of vegan and vegetarian options. For a place of this style, they managed to balance the flavors perfectly,

My auntie had ‘TIMG_8368he Sexy Beach’ – veggie hot-dog and we discussed how nice it was to not see goats cheese with onion chutney or mushroom burger or falafal! The sweet potato fries added a nice touch.

We were both really happy with pleasantly surprised by the choice of food, speed/Lack of wait and level of service at Sam’s Diner!


So if you are down at Par Market and fancy a bite to eat, i strongly recommend Sams!! It provided good fuel in the tummies of kids who want to run around for 6 hours!


These Two Monsters Certainly Enjoyed Their ‘Trip To America!’

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