Sunday Lunch – The British Essential.

Easter has come and gone and we have all returned back to work after our long weekends. I have those now.

I did however take a moment to think about all of my chef friends or anyone stuck in hospitality this weekend. Roast after roast, booked up, slammed, tired and testy.

I sat in the sun. with gin.

I did however make everyone sit down  for the obligatory Easter Sunday roast. “ITS TRADITION”,  i shouted at my neighbor as she implied that it was much more bbq weather than roast weather.

i am not religious.. i am not scared of bbqs (well maybe a little bit) but i am a traditionalist and i do believe in having a roast when your meant to!!

It is, as the title suggests, an essential.

The roast for me symbolizes family, togetherness and pure happiness. What do you have at Christmas? A ROAST. what do you have at Easter? A ROAST. What comes to your mind when i say the words comfort food? A ROAST.

Its probably one of the only meals that people don’t chop and change, its perfect.

meat. veg, gravy. potatoes. ALWAYS YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS!

Come rain or shine, i will have a roast dinner everyday.

have a click on on the Instagram feed ——–> to see my roast lamb from Easter Sunday.

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Its my death meal.cropped-image.jpeg

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