Sour Grapes.

Chef’s move around.

Especially in the beginning, when I was working in kitchens I realised that nobody was irreplaceable (except BeyoncΓ©) and any one could up and leave at any second to go off on some new adventure… and yet, there has always been a sense of family in kitchens. Whether it’s a whole team or just a few of you, closeness occurs.

Good people are found in hospitality and good friends are made!

So what happens when it all goes wrong? What happens when you get hurt.

I find that some people in hospitality have the biggest hearts and it is because of that that they can hate big as well.

My last chef job ended badly. It ended bitterly. It ended with me being Barred and losing friends and being blocked from said place’s social media. Where do you go from there?

How do you move on from something that you called home for a while. How do you deal with not just “popping in” and saying hello to those people who you called family. Hospitality family.

How do you deal with the fact that your little brother isn’t allowed to go into somewhere he once loved and play with you old bosses daughter? How do you explain that to a 5 year old?

“Sorry Seth but sometimes adults fall out”

“But you tell me to say sorry and forgive my friends at school.. so why are we still not allowed in there?”

So what can’t we forgive And move on, why don’t we accept that we are floored and move past it. Why don’t we learn to support each other when we need it. Even when we don’t want to. Even when we have to grit our teeth.

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Sunday Lunch – The British Essential.

Easter has come and gone and we have all returned back to work after our long weekends. I have those now.

I did however take a moment to think about all of my chef friends or anyone stuck in hospitality this weekend. Roast after roast, booked up, slammed, tired and testy.

I sat in the sun. with gin.

I did however make everyone sit down Β for the obligatory Easter Sunday roast. “ITS TRADITION”, Β i shouted at my neighbor as she implied that it was much more bbq weather than roast weather.

i am not religious.. i am not scared of bbqs (well maybe a little bit) but i am a traditionalist and i do believe in having a roast when your meant to!!

It is, as the title suggests, an essential.

The roast for me symbolizes family, togetherness and pure happiness. What do you have at Christmas? A ROAST. what do you have at Easter? A ROAST. What comes to your mind when i say the words comfort food? A ROAST.

Its probably one of the only meals that people don’t chop and change, its perfect.

meat. veg, gravy. potatoes. ALWAYS YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS!

Come rain or shine, i will have a roast dinner everyday.

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Its my death meal.cropped-image.jpeg