3 of my favourite films set in the food industry!

I am  about to get very serious about another passion of mine.

Getting into bed, snuggling up in a stupid amount of cushions and blankets, with a good cup of tea and a bowl of something chocolatey.

so here are 3 of my  favourite films about food.. now they are not in countdown order because frankly, im rubbish at making decisions on stuff like this.. so im just going to give you them in any order starting with…





Burnt is a film staring Bradley cooper (i rest my case) as Adam Jones. A chef on the brink of a breakdown trying to go from 2 Michelin stars to 3. He suffers from drink and drug problems and is putting it lightly..mentally unsound. He hurls abuse at his staff, demanding perfection to the point of obsession. He hates everyone and has frequent episodes of violence both physically and verbally to his staff. he spends his life pushing a failing restaurant in London up to the standards of the highest french cuisine and just when you think he has done it.. he fucks it up again!! many reviewers (such as the guardian) didnt like it. not one bit. In fact the Times and the Telegraph both gave it 1 star out of 5, but this was wrong and i will tell you why. Adam Jones was based on Anthony Bourdian. who is a real chef, an excellent chef and a proper mental chef. the film was called out for being a dramatic and unrealistic portrayal of the food industry and the chefs in it. But if you know anything about Bourdain.. or have been lucky enough to work in a high end kitchen you will realise that ‘this character’ is more realistic than food itself. kitchens drive people to drug or alcohol abuse and destroys people who are not mantally strong enough, it brings out the raw animal insticts and Burnt shows the extremities of that. its realistic and its honest and that is why i love it.


On the other end of the spectrum is chef! Chef is a funky feel good film about a chef who decides to leave everything he knows and drive a food truck around America with his best friend and son. It is such an uplifting film! The cooking montages mixed with a badass soundtrack makes me want to get out of whatever slumber I’m in and cook up something sexy! It’s a film about passion and creativity and exploring a new way of doing something you love so you don’t end up hating it. However.. it also shares a lot of commonalities with BURNT. It starts with the main character Carl Casper and his creative struggle with his uptight restaurant owner boss who knows nothing about the trade and yet insists on making all the decisions. It also tackles issues of struggling with family and social situations and how sometimes you put your job first in kitchens and finally and probability most importantly.. it deals with criticism. From bosses, from food critics, from customers and from himself.  It gives us an incredible insight into how harshly chefs are judged and judge themselves. If you ever thought cooking professionally wasn’t stressful you should watch this!

And seriously.. the soundtrack is epic!


Ok ok.. before you start hear me out.. this is a great film! Disney + cute rat + chef = a recipe for an awesome cooking film (recipe.. geddit.. hahaha) I saw this film when I was first training as a chef and my tiny adorable brother looked it it and said “he is a chef like you” which was wonderful and obviously is gonna make me love it! But emotional sentimental moments aside it actually shares a lot of the same points as the previous films; facing adversities and dealing with criticism.. I mean come on! He is a rat! Of course people are judging his culinary abilities! He also has to deal with the other chefs I the kitchen who are stressed and determined and focus on their art. And a head chef who is really fucking mean! And in the end he really has to overcome his own self esteem and grow and learn to deal with all the struggles  because he is the most passionate little rat you have ever seen and that passion makes his food fantastic!

Believe it or not all these films have happy endings because despite all the pressure and stress and crappy bosses.. the passion and the creativity and the excitement of doing what you love.. it’s worth it!

P.s I love ratatouille so much I physically put him on my body. I tattooed him on me to remind me to believe in myself!

I know. I’m a loser.




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