Kids as commis chefs

seth making chocolate and banana pancakes

Or as I like to call them.. Little devils.
So the summer holidays have been well and truly upon us for a week now and as any parent or guardian knows the kids need to be entertained!!

However most of us have done anything and everything exciting we can think of in the first week so now what? What can we do to get them out of our hair and distracted long enough to string together a meal? How can we keep them busy? My solution… Cooking with them!!
I know ย what your thinking but just hear me out.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have the patience of a saint, and if they know me well then they know my 4 year old brother Seth. The manic, selfish ball of energy who only wants to do what he wants when he wants and will not be told otherwise. He is a nightmare. Honestly. Except when he is baking/cooking. A task that can stress a lot of people makes my demon brother, the calmest boy alive.

So obviously I looked into it and it turns out cooking or making food calms a lot of children. And it boils down to one key thing. Kids like being right. They like doing things well and obviously they love being praised! So the first time my brother picked up a pealed and pealed a carrot I jumped for joy. You would have thought that he had cured cancer with my reaction. And he liked that! Boy did he like that! So we started peeling other veg.. Then fruit.. Then baking cakes.. And bread and now he makes spring rolls and helps me take apart lobsters!!!
Cooking is a wonderful form of expression for me. It allows me to create something out of nothing and be proud of it and then EAT IT! So it makes sense that my brother would feel the same.

It can build a child’s confidence and help them out of their comfort zone. Suddenly they are opened up to a new world of smells, textures, colours and flavours. They are in control. They get to use the grown up things and stand of chairs so they are tall and most importantly they get to spend quality time with you. Adults. Parents, carers, teachers and babysitters. They get to help you and have fun at the same time.

So with this in mind I am going to be doing a 6 week section on cooking with kids. I want to see if it really helps my brother and how far he will take it before he gets bored. I will post pictures and recipes and I want you to join me! Set aside an couple of hours a week with your little one and make something magical.

J x

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