Let them eat cake.

I have a very very serious question and its this… Can I get slim  and still eat cake?


The answer is probably no.. Unfortunately.


So i think we need a new question…. Can I eat cake and be happy with myself.


I bought a book today called lean in 15 by Joe wicks the body coach. Now normally I am the first person to moan and whinge about these stupid books but his ethos really stood out from the rest. In his intro he talks about how he hates seeing people being depressed on low calorie crash diets and this is what I hate about our body culture nowadays.


People need an education in nutrition. None of the crap, no counting calories or fad diets, just enough knowledge to be in control of their own bodies and to make sure they are fit and healthy regardless of size! Fit doesn’t have to mean skinny and it definiltely doesn’t have to mean sad!!

What annoys me more than anything is when I hear someone crippling over a desert or cake and then saying “oh I want to so much but… I better not I’m on a diet” NO! If you want to do it!!  People should be armed with the knowledge and self confidence to know what they should or shouldn’t have. You are an adult with a mind and common sense.. You have lived with your body for however many year, no one else has. We shouldn’t be borating ourselves because someone else tells you it’s wrong. Each person is individual and has different complex bodies, until you have a idea of what is and isn’t bad for you specifically you shouldn’t be listening to the judgement of others.

With all this in mind I’m going to use joe wicks book as a guide and see if there are any results with my body personally and continue to do so only if I am HAPPY!! I don’t want to be skinny I just want to feel good.

I will post my favourite recipes online and you can feel free to try them and see if they are comparable with your body and also your mind but in the mean time I would love to hear any healthier cake recipes because I will be damned if I have to give up cake!!!

I wont do it!!!!

thanks jx

My food porn for tonight, highly doubt they are going to have the same recipes in!!


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