How far is too far?

We all talk about how when we were kids the rules to eating were different. How many of us heard “if you don’t like what ive made you won’t eat” or “you’ll get what your given”

pretty much everyone right?

So what has happened to kids now?

My brother is 4. He likes what he likes and that’s it. I think I can name on two hands he food he actually really enjoys and most of it is odd, I can very rarely make a full meal out of what he eats and yet he absolutely thrives when it comes to growth. He is always full of energy and the doctors bore the health visitors can really understand it. He likes butter and milk but other than that he is basically a vegan?!! He doesn’t eat junk food (other than crisps) and won’t touch meat or cheese.  The thought of textures mixing makes him scream sometimes and yet, I still get stopped in tesco and congratulated for having a kid in my trolley sitting and demanding a carrot or Apple rather than chicken nuggets.


so really is his eating that bad.. His idea meal comprises of rosemary breadsticks with humus, a carrot, Apple, a pack of mixed seeds preferable pumpkin and a glass of orange juice.

An organic mums wet dream. My worst nightmare when I say no!!! My brother has starved himself for days before when he doesn’t get what he wants.

My solution. Let him. A child of is never going to starve themselves beyond their means, they are intelligent little humans who haven’t been on this planet for very long time and are desperately trying to gain some control over their lives and decisions. If he doesn’t want to eat then that’s fine. But what I try to do is build a healthy mental relationship with food. I make him cook and bake with me and he loves it.


he is always more willing to try something he was in control of creating. And I’m always so happy to see the pride on his face. That to me is more important than whether he eats a full meal in a restaurant or at home. Honestly I don’t care if you are judging me because he is fine with ‘just bread’ because that bread is better than nothing and hopefully while he is eating that bread he is remembering the day he made bread and how good that felt.

Here the littLe monster with… Surprise surprise….breadsticks and orange juice

And a tip to restaurants from someone who works in one… Kids make alterations to meals. Deal with it. They are paying to have something they are more likely to eat!!


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