Let them eat cake.

I have a very very serious question and its this… Can I get slim  and still eat cake?


The answer is probably no.. Unfortunately.


So i think we need a new question…. Can I eat cake and be happy with myself.


I bought a book today called lean in 15 by Joe wicks the body coach. Now normally I am the first person to moan and whinge about these stupid books but his ethos really stood out from the rest. In his intro he talks about how he hates seeing people being depressed on low calorie crash diets and this is what I hate about our body culture nowadays.


People need an education in nutrition. None of the crap, no counting calories or fad diets, just enough knowledge to be in control of their own bodies and to make sure they are fit and healthy regardless of size! Fit doesn’t have to mean skinny and it definiltely doesn’t have to mean sad!!

What annoys me more than anything is when I hear someone crippling over a desert or cake and then saying “oh I want to so much but… I better not I’m on a diet” NO! If you want to do it!!  People should be armed with the knowledge and self confidence to know what they should or shouldn’t have. You are an adult with a mind and common sense.. You have lived with your body for however many year, no one else has. We shouldn’t be borating ourselves because someone else tells you it’s wrong. Each person is individual and has different complex bodies, until you have a idea of what is and isn’t bad for you specifically you shouldn’t be listening to the judgement of others.

With all this in mind I’m going to use joe wicks book as a guide and see if there are any results with my body personally and continue to do so only if I am HAPPY!! I don’t want to be skinny I just want to feel good.

I will post my favourite recipes online and you can feel free to try them and see if they are comparable with your body and also your mind but in the mean time I would love to hear any healthier cake recipes because I will be damned if I have to give up cake!!!

I wont do it!!!!

thanks jx

My food porn for tonight, highly doubt they are going to have the same recipes in!!


How far is too far?

We all talk about how when we were kids the rules to eating were different. How many of us heard “if you don’t like what ive made you won’t eat” or “you’ll get what your given”

pretty much everyone right?

So what has happened to kids now?

My brother is 4. He likes what he likes and that’s it. I think I can name on two hands he food he actually really enjoys and most of it is odd, I can very rarely make a full meal out of what he eats and yet he absolutely thrives when it comes to growth. He is always full of energy and the doctors bore the health visitors can really understand it. He likes butter and milk but other than that he is basically a vegan?!! He doesn’t eat junk food (other than crisps) and won’t touch meat or cheese.  The thought of textures mixing makes him scream sometimes and yet, I still get stopped in tesco and congratulated for having a kid in my trolley sitting and demanding a carrot or Apple rather than chicken nuggets.


so really is his eating that bad.. His idea meal comprises of rosemary breadsticks with humus, a carrot, Apple, a pack of mixed seeds preferable pumpkin and a glass of orange juice.

An organic mums wet dream. My worst nightmare when I say no!!! My brother has starved himself for days before when he doesn’t get what he wants.

My solution. Let him. A child of is never going to starve themselves beyond their means, they are intelligent little humans who haven’t been on this planet for very long time and are desperately trying to gain some control over their lives and decisions. If he doesn’t want to eat then that’s fine. But what I try to do is build a healthy mental relationship with food. I make him cook and bake with me and he loves it.


he is always more willing to try something he was in control of creating. And I’m always so happy to see the pride on his face. That to me is more important than whether he eats a full meal in a restaurant or at home. Honestly I don’t care if you are judging me because he is fine with ‘just bread’ because that bread is better than nothing and hopefully while he is eating that bread he is remembering the day he made bread and how good that felt.

Here the littLe monster with… Surprise surprise….breadsticks and orange juice

And a tip to restaurants from someone who works in one… Kids make alterations to meals. Deal with it. They are paying to have something they are more likely to eat!!


Croatian cuisine 

Last week I went on the most amazing week away with my family to a little town called Primosten.. Right on the coast of Croatia.
Croatia is a beautiful country with a diverse culture and the food is no different. It is a perfect blend of Italian and Greek. In my week I feasted on pizza, pasta, seafood, shellfish, salads and gelato! The cured meats and cheese and olive selections were to die for and I had incredible scrambled eggs and pancakes with dolmanica bacon every morning (despite the other wonderful things on offer) each menu had so many amazing things to choose from and my trousers are definitely a tighter fit since coming back!!

Here are a few pictures to make you jealous! I will be going back!!

Pizza 🍕🍕🍕

I fucking love pizza! Today I may have made the best pizza ever and I’m really not joking!
Cooking with my little bro (4yr old Seth) and we decide to have a pizza party! Obviously his didn’t look amazing because he insisted I didn’t help him at all!!! But mine.. I pretty proud of!
Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think…

Yes to getting fat on bank holiday Monday!! 😍🙋🏼🍕🍕

Thanks J x

The 5 W’s

When I was in secondary school I was always told to include a story with the 5ws so here they are!


WHO: I’m a 24year old chef/food lover,  Currently working in  a town called Truro.

WHEN:  I trained at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall alongside getting my NVQs in professional cookery. This gave me the tools to start a career and gain experience.

WHAT: am I doing with this blog? Writing about food. Food I have made or eaten or pictures of food or recipes for food


WHERE: at work. At home. In a restaurant. On holiday. In my kitchen at 3 in the morning!!! Wherever the mood takes me!


WHY: because everything to do with food makes me passionate. I want to write about food and maybe one or two people may read it, share it and take a bite!!



Thanks J x