Is Chicken Shasimi the latest in food trends?

In case you haven't heard (do you live under a rock) there is a new delicacy in town. Chicken Shasimi - Thinly sliced chicken breast blanched or boiled for 10 seconds and served. yes. RAW CHICKEN! It started in Japan, In the coolest hubs of Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo but has now spread its way … Continue reading Is Chicken Shasimi the latest in food trends?

Brexit and Bacon -Shop Local

Lets get real about something that I love very dearly. Bacon. Or just pork in general.. We are now starting to see a rise in prices due to the brexit negotiations (Im not getting political, but i told you so!)  many supermarkets have started removing certain items off their shelves and hiking up the prices … Continue reading Brexit and Bacon -Shop Local

Tips and Tricks of ‘Instagramming’ Dinner!

We live in an age where everyone wants to share everything! who they are, what they are doing, who they are doing it with, what they think of something, and most importantly WHAT THEY ARE EATING! you know the type, you go out for some food and it arrives looking great, and out comes the … Continue reading Tips and Tricks of ‘Instagramming’ Dinner!

Korean BBQ – XENsational! 

It's Friday night and me and a friend want food, something  different and exciting.. which, let's be honest, can be hard to find in Truro.  We struggle for a while to think of something good enough to really grab our attention.. then we remember that XEN noodle bar on calenick street has just had a … Continue reading Korean BBQ – XENsational!